Creative Responsibility

Creative Responsibility

Other companies talk about Corporate Responsibility.
We talk about Creative Responsibility. It’s a small change, but it makes a big difference.

Our mission: to help close the creativity gap

Creativity matters to society. Creative people invent, imagine, and solve problems, big and small. It has the power to change the world.

We all need to be more and more creative to tackle the challenges posed by today’s economy and society - at work, at school, at home and in our communities.

We don’t all have an equal opportunity to meet our creative potential. This is called the creativity gap. The creativity gap exists because of inequality in the UK.

Our mission is to help close this gap.



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“I believe that Penguin Random House UK is perfectly positioned to help close the creativity gap because creativity drives everything we do. Whether it’s through the stories and ideas we share with the world, or the way we do business, it’s at our heart.”

- Tom Weldon, CEO, Penguin Random House UK -


To achieve this mission we have set ourselves some ambitious goals to 2020 focusing on the following priority areas:


Helping every child in the UK to read well by the age of 11


Supporting the communities on our doorstep and beyond


Championing diverse voices in our workforce, authors and books


Sourcing our raw materials sustainably and reducing our environmental impact




We’re working together with the Ministry of Stories to help young people across the UK meet their creative potential

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