Ministry of Stories

Our partnership with Ministry of Stories

Helping young people across the UK to meet their creative potential

About Ministry of Stories

Co-founded by Penguin Random House author Nick Hornby in 2010, Ministry of Stories is a creative writing and mentoring space for economically and socially disadvantaged young people aged 8-18.

Ministry of Stories helps young people discover and realise their own creative potential through innovative creative writing programmes, including after-school writing workshops. By making writing fun and accessible they help young people find their voices and unleash their imaginations, building their confidence, self-respect and communication skills.

Ministry of Stories’ mission is to inspire a nation of storytellers. Currently operating in Hackney, east London, they are expanding to reach more young people across the UK. 

Our partnership with Ministry of Stories

In 2016 Penguin Random House UK launched a three-year partnership with Ministry of Stories. We are supporting their efforts to reach new communities through both funding and expertise, as well as inspiring and mobilising our colleagues and authors to give their time and to fundraise. Together, our goal is to help close the creativity gap for 7,500 children across the UK by 2018.



“The UK is known throughout the world for its creative industries. We punch way above our weight with our creativity. So why should that creativity only be drawn from a certain section of society? Ministry of Stories works in places where creative kids who are not given the opportunity to express their creativity can be helped to reach their potential.”

- Nick Hornby, Author & Co-Founder -


Kiera, age 10, has been visiting the Ministry of Stories weekly after-school clubs. She said: “If you’re quiet, and you’re one of those people who are very ‘inside’ about your personality, Ministry of Stories helps you to be more open. I was one of those people. It was very hard to say what I was thinking and feeling, but then I met Ministry of Stories."

Kiera’s mum added: “By coming to Ministry of Stories and getting her imagination out, she’s less fearful. She’s done projects at school [and] she won a competition for her poetry."


Hannah is part of the ebook production team at Penguin Random House UK and she volunteers for Ministry of Stories as a writing mentor, delivering creative writing workshops.

She said: “From the minute you enter the Ministry of Stories you know that this is an organisation that takes fun seriously… the kids respond brilliantly to the idea that story writing is about more than good grammar and spelling, it’s about using your imagination to create interesting and original ideas. It’s such a pleasure to watch their confidence grow through the workshops and to see them leave excited about writing, and with their very own published story to boot."



In June 2017, Penguin Random House UK and Ministry of Stories launched seventeen unique new picture books, all written by children between the ages of 8 and 12 and brought to life by volunteer illustrators.



All photos by Tom Oldham