Groundbreaking global campaign to launch 'Dan and Phil Go Outside' #DAPGO

On Thursday 3rd August, in a global announcement, Ebury press announced the acquisition of Dan and Phil Go Outside from Dan Howell and Phil Lester, the authors of last year’s worldwide publishing phenomenon, The Amazing Book is Not on Fire and launched the

To support the global announcement, Ebury Press and Dan and Phil launched a brand new website application on August 5th a first-ever cover ‘hacking’ tool application at the centre of the campaign concept for the ‘create an alternative cover’ application tool is to hack the cover using the book font, a images of Dan and Phil, and a background image – including the option to upload your own background image, write your own text and change the image of Dan and Phil. There are five alternative Dan and Phil cut outs to use, and five background images. Once designed, the alternative cover can be downloaded or shared directly on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. 

Clarissa Pabi, Senior Marketing Executive at Ebury Publishing tells us what it was like working with Dan and Phil on the global campaign to launch 'Dan and Phil Go Outside’ . It included a brand new website including a first-ever cover ‘hacking’ tool application.

‘Dan and Phil are at the cutting edge of culture, and when you work with them you are constantly inspired to come up with iconoclastic and forward-thinking ideas that become cultural talking points. Their YouTube channels and strong social media presence puts them at the intersection between emerging digital technology, gaming and entertainment, so when we work together we try to bring those elements out in our campaign.

We knew that social media, creativity and interactivity needed to be at the centre of the 'Dan and Phil Go Outside' book campaign and we wanted to ensure that this campaign was innovative and genuinely engaged their audience in a new and exciting way – as this is what both Dan and Phil and their audience expect from us. Inspired by Dan and Phil's originality, quirky humour and book cover design, I thought that a web application, which allowed their audience to hack and customise their cover to create sharable images, would allow us to do something that had never been done before in publishing. It would also simultaneously enable their audience to showcase their own creativity and individual humour and spreading the excitement about the new book through word-of-mouth online.

After discussing and refining the application idea with Dan and Phil, the entire process of actualising the idea and building the application was iterative and collaborative. I worked closely with an incredible external development team to build the app, advanced further by the legal and digital insight within Penguin Random House.

The process took an intensive 2 months of hard work, but the response has been absolutely incredible. To see the application result in the book's hashtag trending, and outdoing the Olympic Opening Ceremony, is a true testament to the importance of timing and the cultural significance Dan and Phil have globally. I've loved seeing their audience's creations and I'm absolutely delighted that they are as excited as we are about the book. #DAPGO!'

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