Penguin Random House UK wins two FutureBook awards

Group Marketing and Audiences Director Albert Hogan with the award for

The FutureBook Awards 2016
took place on Friday 2 December as part of The Bookseller's FutureBook Conference, with Penguin Random House winning in both the Platform of the Year and Digital Campaign of the Year categories.

Our new consumer website won Platform of the Year. The site was relaunched at the start of this year and brings together all of our Penguin Random House authors, books and our consumer-facing brands into a single website.

In presenting the award, judge Fiona Wilson of The Times said: "From the podcasts to the Penguin Flipper, surprises and delights with its imagination, design and original content that makes you want to keep exploring the website. Proof of the pudding: I bought a Penguin Random House book while I judged this entry."

Penguin Press won Digital Campaign of the Year

The Penguin Press team were also triumphant, winning the Digital Campaign of the Year award for Richard Dawkins’ books Climbing Mount Improbable and The Blind Watchmaker.

30 years ago, Richard Dawkins wrote a suite of computer programmes to demonstrate evolution in action. Three decades on, Penguin Press brought Dawkins’ unique programmes – or ‘biomorphs’ – back to life, making them available to the world for the first time.

To do this, they launched, an interactive new space in which the world can play with Richard Dawkins’ original ‘biomorphs’. The website was built from Richard Dawkins’ original source code – until now considered obsolete – and developed by Penguin Press’s Creative Technology team to mark the anniversary year of four of Dawkins’ ground-breaking books. Featuring images close to shells, insects and trees, never before been seen by the public, the programmes demonstrate the effects across generations of artificial selection.

Mathieu Triay, from the Creative Technology team commented: “We’re very proud of being recognised for the team effort behind that campaign which was born from very close collaboration between all departments, particularly when the competition was so tough. We’re hoping to be able to apply our learnings from this project all throughout next year and bring more books to life."

At the main Conference, five of our audio, audience and design experts spoke, including Hannah Telfer, Albert Hogan, Roy McMillan, Jo Edwards and Matthew Young.

Jo Edwards, Head of Penguin Random House Enterprises, spoke about the steps Penguin Live is taking to develop opportunities for authors in the ticketed events space, and mentioned our biggest tour to date, the sell-out The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire theatre tour starring Dan & Phil, which sold an outstanding 40,000 tickets.

Albert Hogan, Group Marketing and Audiences Director, discussed the ways in which marketers can reach new readers, whether big data threatens or assists the emotional connection between the reader and the book, and how to balance creative thinking with appropriate consumer communications.

Hannah Telfer, Managing Director, Penguin Random House Audio, talked about the new market for listening, how we reach that market, what our audiences like to listen to, and discussed the future of audio.

Roy McMillan, Audiobook Producer, spoke about how audio has become an extension of mainstream storytelling, the immersive experience of listening to spoken word, and the complex and intricate craft of making audiobooks.

Matthew Young, Digital Designer within Penguin Press, discussed some of their recent digital projects, including the award-winning Richard Dawkins campaign.

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