Penguin Random House Audio partners with RIG for "Listening Off The Page - A Rough Guide To Audiobooks"


On Wednesday 19th October, the Penguin Random House Audio division hosted an industry event in partnership with RIG (Radio Independents Group) at our 80 Strand offices, entitled “Listening Off The Page – A Rough Guide To Audiobooks”.

RIG is the the trade body for the radio and audio independent production sector, and amongst the audience were producers who work for all the major radio networks in the country, as well as those who provide audio for museums, other audio publishers and the voluntary sector. We partnered with them on this night to build on our reputation within the industry and to help with expanding the production teams and studios we work with as our audio business grows.

On the panel for the event was Sam Halstead and Roy McMillan from Penguin Random House, joined by Peter Curran, our chair for the evening, and Daniel Weyman, who provided us with a narrator's perspective (he narrated The Ballroom, Topsy and Tim and After The Silence for Penguin Random House Audio among many others). The event was focused on the dark arts and crafts of audio book production, and provided fascinating conversation for all who attended.

We explored all areas of production - from how we work with print divisions and casting our productions, through to the recordings themselves and how these are prepared for from both a producer's and narrator's perspective.

It was great to work in partnership with our industry fellows to shine a light on audiobooks, and everyone was sent on their way with a new interest in audio and some CDs to spark their inspiration.

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