Penguin Random House UK wins Best New Community Programme for Creative Responsibility at the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards

From left to right: Joanna Prior (Managing Director, Penguin General), The Lord Mayor, Siena Parker (Creative Responsibility Manager, Penguin Random House), Ruth Davey (Ministry of Stories)

Penguin Random House UK has won the award for Best New Community Programme at the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards in recognition of its Creative Responsibility strategy to help thousands of young people reach their creative potential regardless of their background.

The prestigious Awards recognise and celebrate organisations going above and beyond their core work and making an exemplary impact in London's communities.

Penguin Random House UK’s 10-point Creative Responsibility strategy aims to help close the ‘creativity gap’ in the UK caused by factors such as social mobility, geographic location and ethnicity, which prevent individuals from having equal opportunities to fulfil their creative potential. At the heart of the strategy are a partnership with creative writing and mentoring charity, Ministry of Stories, and ten 2020 goals in four focus areas: Inclusion, Reading, Sustainability and Community.

The Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards gave a special nod to Penguin Random House’s partnership with Hackney-based Ministry of Stories. The publisher is working with Ministry of Stories over three years to help it expand into new parts of the country as well as online so that 7,500 more young people have the opportunity to meet their creative potential by 2018.

More than a fifth of Penguin Random House’s London workforce is actively involved in its Creative Responsibility activity. By the end of this year, Penguin Random House colleagues will have delivered 1200 hours of writing workshops for young people at the Ministry of Stories’ East London centre, with many more sharing their marketing, design and editorial expertise to support its development and expansion. They have jumped of planes, climbed mountains and run marathons to raise almost £20,000 for the charity so far in 2016.

Tom Weldon, CEO, Penguin Random House UK, said: “Creative Responsibility is at the heart of our company so we are delighted that it has been recognised by the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards.

“We believe creativity is crucial for future growth and success. Creative people invent, imagine and solve problems, big and small. By giving people opportunities to use their imaginations and tap into their creativity – whether in writing workshops at Ministry of Stories, through volunteer reading in our local primary schools, or talent recruitment initiatives like The Scheme – we are helping to equip them with the tools they need to succeed at work, at school, at home or in their communities.”

Siena Parker, Creative Responsibility Manager, commented: "So many colleagues have come together behind a shared purpose and goals as part of our Creative Responsibility programme, and this means we can have the biggest positive social impact over the long term. We’re particularly proud that our partnership with creative writing and mentoring charity Ministry of Stories has been recognised in such a prestigious way.”

To find out more about Penguin Random House UK’s Creativity Responsibility strategy and to explore its ten 2020 goals, visit our Creative Responsibility pages.

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