New research reveals 86% of English constituencies have entrenched literacy problems

A comprehensive new study by the National Literacy Trust announced today, presents a compelling reminder of the important work that they, and our other literacy partners, do.

The research suggests that children’s futures will be put in jeopardy if action isn’t taken at a local level to tackle England’s deep-rooted literacy crisis. The study reveals that the vast majority of constituencies in England (86%) contain at least one ward with serious literacy issues. Inner cities and their surrounding areas dominate the list of locations with a need for the greatest literacy support. All 50 places suffering the most come from cities, towns or districts surrounding urban areas. From this list, six constituencies are situated by the coast, including Birkenhead, Hartlepool and Grimsby. 

Experian analysed data about the social factors most closely associated with low literacy to create a literacy vulnerability score for every single electoral ward and parliamentary constituency in England.

Penguin Random House are committed to raising literacy levels for all ages. Nearly one third of all children growing up in poverty in England leave primary school unable to read well. This can have a massive impact on their future chances in life.

As publishers we believe that we can make the biggest difference by making reading fun through our authors, characters and books. Read more about our commitment to reading for all here.

Find out more about the work of the National Literacy Trust here.

Literacy vulnerability scores and rankings for every parliamentary constituency in England are available here: 

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