First ever serialisation by Twitter for new book by Sayeeda Warsi

The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Britain by Sayeeda Warsi will be published by Allen Lane on 30th March.

Sayeeda will be telling her story in her way, by running a series of extracts from the book on Twitter.

Starting on Monday 20th March, the serialisation will flow over five days.  Sayeeda will introduce the diverse community that is Britain’s Muslims before addressing four crucial questions. What makes a "Violent" Jihadi? Why has government implemented a policy of "disengagement" towards British Muslims for nearly a decade? Are Muslims "the enemy within” as she has been described and perceived? And how do we press the restart button to reboot community relations and rebuild a nation in which we are all at ease?

Sayeeda said "Despite the kind offer of a newspaper serialization I have chosen Twitter to introduce my story in my way, available to all, free of charge, anywhere in the world. 

I believe serializing in this way will engage a more diverse audience and promote an interactive debate online as well as constructive conversations offline." 

Sayeeda's book draws on draws on her own unique position in British life, as the child of Pakistani immigrants, an outsider, who became an insider, the UK's first Muslim Cabinet minister, to explore questions of cultural difference, terrorism, surveillance, social justice, religious freedom, integration and the meaning of 'British values'. Looking at changing attitudes and policy, especially over the last fifteen years, The Enemy Within examines in close focus whether our counter terrorism strategy has been effective or counterproductive and what Britain's Muslim communities might have become had the war on terror not happened.  

Appointed a life peer at the age of 36, she served as Chairman of the Conservative Party, in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and as Minister for Faith and Communities. In the summer of 2014 she resigned from government, citing its 'morally indefensible' policy on Gaza. 

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