The Penguin Podcast reaches its 50th Episode


The Penguin Podcast has reached its fiftieth episode, with its latest featuring a fascinating interview between Harlan Coben and Konnie Huq.

The podcast has played host to a wealth of talent from across Penguin Random House, including Zadie Smith, Howard Jacobson, Harriet Harman and Elvis Costello. The interviews, now conducted by David Baddiel, Paul Smith and Konnie Huq, introduce the listener to five objects that hold special importance with the author. Here are some of the most memorable…



The Skull - Anthony Horowitz

All photos by Amanda Benson

                                                  All photos by Amanda Benson

Anthony Horowitz has a real human skull sitting on his desk at all times, which he brought into the studio to show us. He keeps it to remind himself to keep going, keep writing, before he turns into a skull himself.

The Olympic Torch – Clare Balding


The honour of carrying the Olympic Torch for the 2012 Olympic Games is not one that Clare Balding holds lightly, and she brought her torch into the studio. She carried it through Newbury and in the podcast discusses how important that moment was to her.

The Goat – Carlo Rovelli


Carlo Rovelli has a fascinating life story. A self-proclaimed rebel, he spent some of his twenties living with friends in the Italian countryside, and one of these friends was a goat, Lucrezia, who was named after a friend’s girlfriend. Unfortunately he couldn’t bring the actual goat into the studio…

The Christmas Tree – Tom Fletcher


A dedicated Christmas fan, Tom Fletcher’s first novel is all about the festive season, so what better prop to have near him while he wrote than a little Christmas tree? He used it for that added Christmas spirit so that he could get in the mood for writing a wintry book in the middle of the summer.

The Airstream Trailer – Helen Fielding


Where would you imagine Helen Fielding writes her Bridget Jones novels? Not in an airstream trailer, perhaps… In fact, she explains that this is where she writes when she’s in America; it feels like a cave because it’s so closed off, and she can hide away from everyone else when she’s in it.

The Autumn line-up for The Penguin Podcast is going to be rather spectacular, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can listen to all episodes through iTunesAcast or on Soundcloud.

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