Square Peg

Square Peg is a non-fiction publisher with a taste for something a bit different

A brief history of Square Peg

Square Peg launched in 2008. Each year we handpick just 20 projects, spanning narrative non-fiction, cookery, humour, design-led, illustrated books and entertaining reference. Each Square Peg book is unique, be it a gutsy memoir, a lovingly created cookbook, a killer idea, or simply laugh-out-loud humour. Our books are beautifully designed, stylishly produced and published with flair. From Hyperbole and a Half to 26 Grains, our boutique and eclectic list is driven by a sense of style, personality and passion.

Books published by Square Peg include:

Simon Amstell


Peter Korn

Why We Make Things and Why it Matters

Jacky Fleming

The Trouble With Women

Clare Lattin and Tom Hill

Ducksoup Cookbook

Allie Brosh

Hyperbole and a Half

Stuart Heritage

Don't Be A Dick, Pete

Stephen Moss

The Robin

Sarah Cooper

100 Tricks To Appear Smart in Meetings


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