Watch Penguin Random House authors talk about the publishing process, share their experiences and explain why they love working with us.

More reasons to work with Penguin Random House

“You’d think they weren't dealing with anyone else - that’s the beauty of the way that they deal with you. You think you’re the only author in the whole of this huge empire.”

Alan Johnson

“I always believe that if I was a footballer, I’d want to play for the Premier League champions. If I was a baseball player, I’d want to play for the New York Yankees. As a writer, therefore, I want to be with Penguin Random House because they’re the best and they prove that year in year out

Lee Child

“It’s comforting knowing there is a team - ‘Team Patterson’ if you like - working tirelessly to promote my book. In every conversation you hear their passion.”

James Patterson

”You really feel that you’re in competent hands. And also you feel that you’re part of a team and with all those people I feel like we’re sort of equals.

Rick Stein 

“I‘ve felt that there’s been a group of people who’ve genuinely cared and wanted to make sure that I was safe and happy and producing my best work.”

Mary Portas

“There’s a lot of energy at Penguin Random House. It really inspires you as a writer to push yourself harder when you know everyone else here is working really hard to make your book a success.”

Rachel Khoo

“My relationship with them feels like a friendship, and I feel that if ever I’m not sure about what I’m doing I can ask them. I feel very protected by them.”

Rachel Joyce

“It’s like a home.”

Ian McEwan