London Workshop: When & where?

When? Saturday 8 September 2018, 10.00-16.30
Where? Penguin Random House, 80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL




I am no longer afraid and I know what to do next - these are two major steps forward for me personally and this is thanks to you." Writer attending WriteNow Manchester



What's on offer?

You'll be one of 50 writers joining us for the day. Talks will include:

Publishing, de-mystified

We know that the publishing industry can sometimes seem like a 'closed shop' and that it can be confusing to understand how the word document saved on your laptop could top the bestseller list. To help give you an insight into what it's like to be a Penguin Random House author, we'll follow the journey of a book from manuscript to bookshelf by hearing from:

  • The Author: it all starts with you and your book. You'll hear from a debut novelist.
  • The Agent: a literary agent will explain the role they play as the key link between authors and publishers, as well as working with writers to develop their manuscripts.
  • The Editor: a commissioning editor will describe their role, from the acquisitions process (deciding which books to buy) to working together with an author to get a finished manuscript ready for publication.

You'll also hear a little more about how a publisher works with an author after their book has been acquired, including how we design a book's cover, how we create a 'buzz' around our books by connecting authors with their readers, and how we work with customers, from small independent bookshops to the likes of Asda and Tesco.

What’s it like to be a WriteNow mentee?

You’ll hear from one of the writers currently part of our mentoring programme. They’ll speak about their experiences so far and any tips for how you can make the most out of your day with us.

How to write a covering letter & synopsis

We know that pitching your book to a literary agent can often feel like unknown territory. This interactive session will be hosted by a literary agent, and will give you practical tips on how to write the best possible covering letter and synopsis to capture their attention. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.



Writing: an author’s perspective

Join authors Carmen Marcus, Diana Evans, Linda Yueh and Tony Parsons in conversation. Discussion will focus on the authors’ experiences of getting published, their own writing style and approach to their own craft, how they make a living from their writing, and the advice they would give to writers starting out.  You can read more about the authors coming to WriteNow London below.


We'll make sure you get the chance to speak to editors, agents and authors, as well as one another, more informally throughout the day. After the event has taken place, we’ll also invite you to join our WriteNow Facebook group which will act as a permanent place for you to connect with other new writers.

Writing non-fiction/ Writing for children and young adults (optional)

We’ll have two break-out sessions designed specifically for writers of non-fiction, or those writing for younger readers. You’ll hear from editors and authors working in these genres and will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. 

How to get support as a writer (optional)

Our partners, Spread the Word, will host an information session on the support available for writers both nationally and regionally - from bursaries which will give you the time to write, to prizes which will get your work noticed.

Meet an author or agent (optional)

A little like speed dating but hopefully less awkward - you’ll have a 5 minute chat with an author or agent so you can ask them any burning questions you might have.




The event on Saturday made me realise just how isolated I had become. Meeting all those fabulous people left me feeling so encouraged and engaged." Writer attending WriteNow Birmingham event



Authors: our line-up so far

Carmen Marcus

Diana Evans

Linda Yueh

Mohsin Zaidi

Tony Parsons

Photo credit Bill Waters


    Literary Agents:

Cathryn Summerhayes

The Good Literary Agency