Consumer Insight

We understand our audiences

The Consumer Insight team brings our publishing houses closer to our audiences – new and existing ones – by providing valuable insight.

We’re the research experts at Penguin Random House, and our UK audience segmentation allows us to understand and reach all kinds of book buyers, while our Bookmarks panel of over 4,000 readers means we can quickly ask their opinions on covers, blurbs and more. We also run and commission research on specific authors and genres, to help our authors reach new audiences.

And since we believe that some of the best insight happens face-to-face, we’re enabling staff to get closer to readers through initiatives like Consumer Connect (which allows them to accompany book buyers as they shop). All of which means we have the knowledge to help our publishing teams make even better decisions; decisions that will put their books into the hands of more readers.


Case Studies



An ongoing conversation with our audiences

Bookmarks is our online community of book lovers across the UK who have signed up to take part in research on a range of book-related topics in return for the opportunity to win free books. Running our own proprietary research panel means that the Consumer Insight team can easily test book jackets and marketing with our target audiences and tap into the latest trends and opinions among readers. 





Segmentation: understanding different types of reader

The audience segments developed by the Consumer Insight team provide a shared language and understanding of different types of reader used across Penguin Random House.  By breaking the audience down into groups of people with similar behaviours and attitudes we are more focused in our messaging and advertising and better able to reach the readers we know will love our books.





Using research to reach new audiences

We ensure our communications are consumer-focused by testing new brands and digital products with their target audience.  For example, Penguin Platform, the online community for 16-19 year old book lovers, was created following extensive research with teens.  The content has been shaped by research and even the name Penguin Platform was tested with the audience.